Regenerative Living

Restorative Living

What Is Restorative Earth?

Humans Restoring Earth Restoring Humans Restoring Earth… And so on.

So as I write this, I will be writing about new ways to walk with Mother Earth that is healthful and in balance to her and all her beings, and I will also write about we can heal humans.

When I was a massage therapist I learned that when a part of the body is sick or uncomfortable, it is reflecting a part of life or thinking or emotion that is also not functioning properly. So if the life issue or emotional issue was cleared, the physical discomfort or sickness went away.

In the same way, when we clear the dysfunction in humans, it heals on all levels, including Mother Earth.

And when we clear the systems we are running in society that are creating disharmony for Mother Earth, it will also help human bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits live with greater harmony.

Everything is a hologram to everything else.

If you think about life in a holographic way, where you stand changes the look of the picture but it is the same picture reflecting back to you all the time.

So the way land is managed is the way people are managed is the way animals are managed is the way work is managed, etc….

How we treat Mother Earth, and her experience as a planet is also our experience as the inhabitants of this planet.

We cannot be cruel to her and not also be cruel to ourselves.

Our collective lives are improved when we improve her.

So I see Restorative Earth is really…

Humans Restoring Earth Restoring Humans Restoring Earth… And so on.

Cross-Pollination of Ideas

I have lived many, many places, with communities that have varying degrees of care for the environment.

I some environments have made me enlivened and hopeful.

Others evoke a sense of doom because of their lack of awareness and blind and erroneous loyalty to traditional systems that are breaking the very world we live in.

And while it often feels like I am pushing a giant boulder up a steep mountain when I try to teach better ways to these devolved areas and communities, I feel it is my duty to continue to keep pushing that boulder up the hill and teaching these next-level ideas of how to live in the world in harmony with Mother Earth.

I have faith that as I persevere, I will get help with the boulder because it is much more satisfying to live in harmony on my side of the boulder. ๐Ÿ™‚

Innovation Is Happening

It is odd to call permaculture innovation because it started in the 1970s and it is based on traditional wisdom that goes back for thousands of years.

Yet as we are rediscovering these techniques, it feels like innovation compared to the disaster that industrial land and food management has become.

What is Permaculture?

I get into this (and will continue to get into this) a lot on this site, but as a science and way of life, I feel that this is both ancient in its wisdom and yet can also be highly technological, but using technology for good… the good of all life… rather than it being devoid of lifeforce and connection to the wellbeing of that lifeforce.

Do Travel And Permaculture Mix

While I will be writing about a lot of topics about regenerative living and restoring health to all systems, right now travel will be a big part of my writing.

I recently attended a lecture with a permaculturist that said, “Even though the use of natural gas is harmful to the environment, the best use of this inexpensive fuel source (which is not going to be inexpensive for much longer) is to learn and implement these Mother Earth healthy and balanced practices.

It’s better than using the fuel to sit on the beach for a week sipping margaritas.

Not that I’m knocking that.

But, as someone who loves to travel, if I am going to do that, and encourages others to do that, I am going to also make sure I balance the trip with deep learning… Like learning how to build Earthship eco-villages or make biochar on location.

So that gives you a sense of what this site is about. I will be talking about all sorts of environmentally friendly topics, but because experiential learning is an important part of my world, as is travel, I want to make clear that the kind of ecotourism I present here aren’t just the ones that send you to Galapagos to look at turtles, but the ones that teach you about the Fair Trade (and the devastation of not-so-Fair-Trade) cacao production in Ecuador and what regenerative practices they are using benefit the ecosystem, so that maybe some of those practices can be incorporated in the way you nurture your land. And so maybe you can teach/guide your community with these land/nature nurturing practices as well.

Why Call Her “Mother Earth”?

It is what I am most comfortable with, but also by humanizing her, maybe we can be more gentle with her.

I have a series of images I drew 20 years ago with Mother Earth as a woman, and to this day I still hesitate to post them because showing the environmental damage as received by a woman almost seems too severe to post.

They are hard to look at.

So when I talk about Mother Earth, it is to remember that she is sentient. Nature is sentient. Animals and fungi and soil and all that is around us is sentient…

Just not in the way that humans can relate to in this modern world…