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A Talk with Bill McKibben at The Nature Museum (Vermont)

Bill McKibben is well known for his activism related to climate change and while I generally try to orient activities toward the joyful choice of moving toward a reality of healthful living for all things on and for Mother Earth, I feel that McKibben is such a huge voice in the zero footprint movement that attending a talk would be a good distance event.

I met one of the reps from The Nature Museum this summer at a wildlife event and have been excited to post this for a while.

This trip will be carpooled.

Costs requirements are $340.00, and include 2 nights lodging, transportation, and admission to the Bill McKibben talk.

LOCATION: The event hosted by The Nature Museum, but the actual location is the Grafton Community Church: 4 Main St, Grafton, VT 05146

TIME & DATE: 7pm – 8pm on the 8th of February, but I have scheduled the entire weekend since this is an overnight trip.

This is an exciting opportunity and it also builds connections with other locations/ecosystems/communities that are envisioning a healthier future for the planet!

Please contact me via the contact page if you are interested.

IMPORTANT: The deadline to schedule and pay for the event is January 22nd and I recommend the sooner the better because there is a strong chance that the McKibben event will sell out.

Here are some books by Bill McKibben to find out more.


Hourly Schedule

Leave New Jersey - Travel to Grafton, VT

5:30pm (somewhat flexible if necessary) - 9pm
Travel to Vermont
Meet at Graydon Pool Parking Lot to carpool to Grafton, Vermont

The Nature Museum and Evening Talk with Bill McKibben

10am - 3pm
Explore The Nature Museum
We will explore The Nature Museum and the surrounding town if there is time.
3pm - 6pm
Dinner and Relax
We will return to the hotel, get dinner, change clothes and enjoy a little free time before returning to the museum.
7pm - 8pm
A Talk with Bill McKibben
The Main Event

Travel back to New Jersey

10am - 6pm
Travel with a bit of Exploration
Depending on what the group concensus is, we can head straight back to New Jersey or we can stop at a few interesting towns along the way, including the Brattleboro Co-Op with a HUGE refilling area (so bring some containers to fill up) and Northampton which has an intentional eco-community that would probably allow us to learn about if other people are interested in that sort of thing.