Earthship in Taos New Mexico

Earthships in Taos New Mexico (Tentative)

For this trip, we will be flying to New Mexico to spend a week in an Earthship and learn about the lean design that is self-sufficient and minimizes waste.

To learn more about Earthships you can visit the Earthship Global website.

The general idea is that humans have 6 basic needs and almost all of those needs can be created with no waste if a home is designed properly.

Earthships are built into the earth, allowing the temperature in the home to be stabilized due to Mother Earths’s stable temperature.

But then a number of additional systems are included to make this type of home outrageously efficient

If you are not familiar with this style of home, you will (1) have to adjust your idea of what a home should look like and (2) be blown away at the innovation and ingenuity of such a home.

Additionally, they are generally inexpensive to build and incorporate trash currently in our waste system (like aluminum cans and old tires) to create the structure of the home.

Why This Ecotravel Experience

I believe that much of what is considered energy-efficient design is just upgrades to structures that are already inherently inefficient.

There are a lot of solutions to the issue of energy-efficient building structures, but I would love to expose East Coasters that are only familiar with conventional housing (like colonial-style homes and McMansions in my town) to this form of design so that they can have their minds blown by how awesomely efficient it is.

Earthships might not be the solution for everyone, but wouldn’t it be great if some of the techniques and aesthetics used in Earthships could be brought to communities that are barely inching their way toward efficient building construction typically through conventional means like better (synthetic-material) siding? What if this experience of a small group living in North Jersey could influence the way that buildings are constructed into the future?

On a personal note: I am so in love with Earthships that I almost signed up for a month-long build experience with Earthship Global, but then I realized that I have never actually spend any time in such a structure. There are many earthen housing styles that are outrageously efficient and am going to build an earthen home for myself. Earthships are one style of earthen home construction. As I decide which earthen home style is best for me to create for myself and I dedicate a whole month to learn Earthship construction, I decided I should spend a week in one to see if I even like living in it.

Details of the trip

I am still setting up this trip and have to check with Earthship Global to see if they even have space for a group.

This trip will be limited to 10 people… Possibly less if they do not have the space to host 10 people.

I am aiming this to be in the last week or so of March. THE DATES WILL CHANGE, but I need to put something down in the calendar to get a sense of the trip.

Also, I am aware that many have kids in school and I will look into the dates of spring break if people contact me and let me know that it depends on their kids’ school vacay. Kids are welcome and encouraged on the trip. Can you imagine a generation exposed to utterly efficient earthen building design. Parents… you would be infusing your kids with awarenesses about waste, efficiency and right living on so many levels that most adults do not have today.

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