Leslie Lello At NJ Americorp Rain Barrel Workshop

Rain Barrel Construction Workshop

Setting up rain barrels outside your home is a great way to conserve water, mitigate water pollution and minimize stormwater runoff.

In this workshop, we will be constructing our own rain barrels for us to take home and use.

Instruction is provided by NJ-Americorp.

I attended one of their rain barrel workshops last year and it was wonderful. It was fun, I learned a lot, and got to take a rain barrel home (and yes, it did fit in the back seat of my Prius).

The date is tentative because the venue is still tentative, but this is happening in April because the weather is perfect for it and it really is the end of freezing temperatures (which can break a full rain barrel) and the beginning of rain season. 🙂

Right now I am scheduling this event as Rain or Shine because I know that Americorp has a pretty packed schedule in the spring and will not be able to push the event to another day.

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